Greater Pee Dee Skywarn Group

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NOT a Ham Radio operator…  No problem! Just follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates

What to expect once you join up:

We have a general Amateur radio net each night at 9pm, where you can check into. We also activate a Severe Weather Net during certain weather conditions. When we have the net up and running in Active Mode, we are actively looking for stations to check in to the net, whether you have weather to report or not. That way we know where our spotters are located. By all means, if you have Severe weather to report, contact any of our net control stations on the air, or on social media and we’ll make sure NWS gets the report regardless if a net is up and running or not.

For those that follow us on Social Media,  we give out a lot of weather information on our Social Media sites about watches, warnings and other weather events. With the social media integrated so tightly with our Amateur Radio Nets, we get a lot of great information that wasn’t possible before. Pictures, video’s, and instant weather reports from YOU! Those reports DO matter.

We look forward to hearing you on the nets, and seeing you online!