Greater Pee Dee Skywarn Group

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Skywarn is NOT Active At This Time
ALL NEW so You can Get Involved as Well...
Want to Report Severe Weather? 
You Reports Do Matter and They Are Helpful
Now You Can Text Us with You're Weather Report
843-603-4786 Text Messages ONLY Please.
Please Read and Follow The Attached Reporting Procedures Image when sending in a Text...
You Info will be relayed to NWS 
As Always You can Message us and Post on Our Page As Well
Send ALL Photos To [email protected] or on Kik using WX4PDE

Greater Pee Dee Skywarn Is Taking Membership from anyone who wishes to Help report Severe Weather during Our Skywarn Nets Which are on 146.745 Mhz PL 82.5 For Hams....Non-Hams can use other methods in reporting Severe Weather...Please Email us IF you are a NON - Ham Operator at [email protected] Applications Are Listed Below 

The Greater Pee Dee Skywarn Group was formed in 2013 with the idea to integrate Ham Radio and Social Media in severe weather reporting. The idea is that most Storm Spotters these days are on social media sites, more than on Ham Radio, and there are a lot of Ham Radio operators that are on Social Media. Marry the two together, and you have a great network of storm spotters within your community.  We did just that when we created Greater Pee Dee Skywarn Group.

Our Skywarn Repeater has a ham radio net that is held each night at 9PM local time on the W4PDE amateur radio repeater. Tune in to us each night on 146.745, it has a negative offset and a tone of 82.5

During severe weather events, we will activate a skywarn net, take check in’s and severe weather reports and pass them along to the NWS. We normally activate in Active mode for Severe Thunderstorm Warnings & Tornado Warnings, as well as in Watch Mode for Tornado Watches.

Our Primary area of coverage includes:
Marlboro Counties...

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K4KNJ - Sam Smith, Skywarn EC 
KK4IOJ - Thomas Lawhon,Skywarn AEC for Darlington County,SC
KE4SZT - John Richardson, Skywarn AEC for Marion County, SC
N4AAK - Bill Cheney, Skywarn AEC for Florence County, SC

W2SOC - Tim Thompson, Member GPDSkywarn, Horry County

KI4TGI - Larry White. Member GPDSkywarn, Horry County

WB5OXN - Randy Purcell, Member GPDSkywarn, Horry County

KK4GSA - Mike Eaddy, Skywarn AEC For Florence County, SC